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1-USED GENESIS 2G DUAL TRUNNION MIG WELDING CELL WITH FANUC ARCMATE 120IC/10L ROBOT ROBOT SERIAL NUMBER F110546 DATE OF MFG. 2011 GENESIS VERSA 2G CELL SN 1367 DATE OF MFG 2000 STK#103831 ====================================== SPECIFICATIONS WHILE OBTAINED FROM SOURCES DEEMED RELIABLE ARE SUBJECT CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE AND TO VERIFICATION BY BUYER: HOURS SHOWING ON METER 9,830.8 ABOUT THE GENESIS CELL HERE ARE OEM SPECS FOR VERSA 2 CELL(THIS IS A VERSA 2G CELL) Key Specifications: Base Positioner Configuration Minor axis – dual servo driven trunnions Tool length 96-inches (2438-mm) Tool swing diameter 54-inches (1371-mm) Weight capacity 2,000-lbs (907-kg) Base Component Configuration: FANUC ArcMate 100iC or Panasonic TA-1400 G3 Lincoln i400 or Miller Auto Axcess 300 Tregaskiss, Binzel or TBi air-cooled through arm torch Genesis torch alignment package Safety package (includes light curtains, gate interlock and barriers) Genesis Allen-Bradley controls package with L1 processor Rotary ground Standard Dimensional Specifications: Tool length – 96-inches (2438-mm) to 120-inches (3048-mm) Tool swing diameter – 54-inches (1371-mm) to 60-inches (1524-mm) Load height – 36-inches (914-mm) Cell width – 215-inches (5460-mm) to 250-inches (6350-mm) Cell depth – 195-inches (4978-mm) to 230-inches (5842-mm) Cell height – 92-inches (2336-mm) Standard Capacity Specifications: Weight capacity – 2,000-lbs (907-kg) to 3,000-lbs (1360-kg) Engineering specifications for 2,000-lbs capacity per station – Gearbox rated torque 1617Nm – Gearbox ratio 161:1 – Gearbox maximum moment 2940Nm – Motor maximum RPM 4,000 – Motor torque output 12Nm – Nominal acceleration .5 seconds – Allowable tool out of balance torque 250Nm – 180-degree index time 2.0 seconds Engineering specifications for 3,000-lbs capacity per station – Gearbox rated torque 4704Nm – Gearbox ratio 141:1 – Gearbox maximum moment 6174Nm – Motor maximum RPM 4,000 – Motor torque output 18Nm – Nominal acceleration .5 seconds – Allowable tool out of balance torque 425Nm – 180-degree index time 2.0 seconds) Standard Platform Options: Tool length 120-inches Tool swing diameter 60-inches 3.0-meter RTU (robot transporter unit) Drop center positioner Exposed power track cable carrier Pneumatic flip curtain (flash guarding) Vertical pneumatic curtain (flash guarding) Smoke hood and extraction system Off-line programming Installation Training programs (basic, advanced, maintenance, off-line, CRAW) Intelligence CenterTM Standard Component Options: Robot models: FANUC, Panasonic, Motoman Process gear: Miller, Lincoln, Fronius, Thermadyne, Hypertherm Welding torches: Tregaskiss, Binzel, TBi, Fronius Torch cleaners: Tregaskiss, Binzel, TBi Controls: PanelView 1000+ Compact FANUC ARCMATE 120IC/10L ROBOT SPECIFICATIONS: Robot Specifications: Axes: 6 Payload: 10.00kg H-Reach: 2009.00mm Repeatability: ±0.1000mm Robot Mass: 255.00kg Structure: Articulated Mounting: Floor, Inverted, Angle Robot Motion Speed: J1 195 °/s (3.4 rad/s) J2 175 °/s (3.05 rad/s) J3 180 °/s (3.14 rad/s) J4 400 °/s (6.98 rad/s) J5 400 °/s (6.98 rad/s) J6 600 °/s (10.47 rad/s) Robot Motion Range: J1 ±370° J2 ±260° J3 ±460° J4 ±400° J5 +380° - 280° J6 +900° - 540° The FANUC ARC Mate 120iC/10L is the long arm version of its series and can easily get to hard to reach work pieces. An extended horizontal reach of 2,009 millimeters gives the ARC Mate 120iC/10L a wide work envelope. A 10 kilogram maximum payload capacity provides the FANUC 120iC/10L R30iA arc welding robot more than enough strength to hold and maneuver an arc welding torch. The standard Controller that comes with the robot is the Fanuc R30iA Controller. EQUIPPED WITH: R30IA ROBOT CONTROLLER TEACH PENDANT CABLES TORCH TIP CLEANER DUAL SERVO DRIVEN TRUNIONS POSITIONED ON EITHER SIDE OF THE ROBOT LINCOLN POWER WAVE 455M WELDING POWER SUPPLY LINCOLN ELECTRIC WIRE FEEDER FOB TRUCK ALMONT, MI 48003 THIS ITEM IS OFFERED FOR SALE SUBJECT TO PRIOR SALE AND BUYER'S UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE OF SELLERS TERMS AND CONDITIONS. RAB INDUSTRIES, INC.


Serial NumberROBOT SERIAL NUMBER F110546
Stock Number103831