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1-USED ABB IRB 2400/16 ROBOTIC LASER WELDING CELL WITH TRUMPF TRUDISK 8002 LASER AND DUAL ABB IRBP 2000L SERVO DRIVEN TRUNNIONS WITH TAILSTOCKS ROBOT SERIAL NUMBER 24-53878 ROBOT CONTROLLER SERIAL NUMBER 24-53878 ROBOT CONTROLLER MODEL NUMBER IRC5 ABB IRBP 2000L SERVO DRIVEN GEARED TRUNNIONS S/N'S 24-53878 DATE OF MFG. 11/2007 HOURS SHOWN ON METER 2,842 TRUMPF TRUDISK 8002 LASER S/N E01853A0002 LASER DATE OF MFG 01/2008 STK#104060 ================================================= SPECIFICATIONS WHILE OBTAINED FROM SOURCES DEEMED RELIABLE ARE SUBJECT CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE AND TO VERIFICATION BY BUYER: ALL COMPONENTS OF THIS CELL ARE SEPERATE AND NOT MOUNTED TO A COMMON BASE PLATE, ALLOWING THE USER OF THE CELL TO PLACE EACH COMPONENT OF CELL WHERE THEY WANT. IN PARTICULAR THE POSITIONERS AND TAILSTOCKS MAY BE PLACED ANY DISTANCE APART FROM EACH OTHER, THEY CAN SWING ANY DIAMETER BASED ON HOW HIGH OFF THE FLOOR THEY ARE MOUNTED AND THEY CAN BE PLACED EITHER FRONT OF BACK OF THE ROBOT OR AT RIGHT ANGLE TO EACH OTHER. SO ITS A FLEXIBLE INSTALLATION ALLOWING YOU TO CONFIGURE THE CELL TO YOUR PART AND SPACE AVAILABLE IN YOUR PLANT. THE POSITIONERS ARE PARTICULARILY ROBUST FOR HEAVY WORK LOADS. HOURS SHOWN ON METER 2,842 Robot Specifications: Axes: 6 Payload: 16.00kg H-Reach: 1500.00mm Repeatability: ±0.0040mm Robot Mass: 380.00kg Structure: Articulated Mounting: Floor, Inverted Robot Motion Speed: J1 135 °/s (2.36 rad/s) J2 135 °/s (2.36 rad/s) J3 135 °/s (2.36 rad/s) J4 330 °/s (5.76 rad/s) J5 330 °/s (5.76 rad/s) J6 400 °/s (6.98 rad/s) Robot Motion Range: J1 ±360° J2 ±200° J3 ±125° J4 ±400° J5 ±240° J6 ±800° Robot Applications: Arc Welding Robots Assembly Robots Bonding / Sealing Robots Cleanroom Robots Cutting Robots Deburring Robots Machine Tending Robots Material Handling Robots Meat Processing Automation Robots Packaging Robots Polishing Robots The slim wrist design and flexibility make this robot ideal for confined work spaces - a perfect fit for companies with limited or smaller work areas. This ability to reach into tight spaces also improves the speed and efficiency of the application. Regardless if you buy a new or used ABB IRB 2400/16, this robot will not disappoint. LASER SPECIFICATIONS: 39 KW/40KVA/56AMP EQUIPPED WITH: ROBOT STAND ABB IRB 2400/16 ROBOT IRC5 CONTROLLER TRUMPF TRUDISK 8002 LASER CABLES TEACH PENDANT LASER WELDING HEAD TWO ABB IRBP 2000L SERVO DRIVEN HEAD STOCKS AND TAILSTOCKS THIS ITEM IS OFFERED FOR SALE SUBJECT TO PRIOR SALE AND BUYER'S UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE OF SELLERS TERMS AND CONDITIONS. RAB INDUSTRIES, INC.


ModelIRB 2400/16
Stock Number104060