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1-USED LIEBHERR MODEL L652 VERTICAL GEAR HOBBING MACHINE SERIAL NUMBER DATE OF MFG. STK#103212 =================================================== SPECIFICATIONS WHILE OBTAINED FROM SOURCES DEEMED RELIABLE ARE SUBJECT CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE AND TO VERIFICATION BY BUYER: L-652, Universal Gear Hobber, Max 385 Rpm Brand : Liebherr Model : L-652 UNIVERSAL GEAR HOBBER - This machine is suitable for cutting spur and helical gears, pinions, splines, sprockets, worm gears andother workpieces of similar profile, up to 25.6” (650MM) diameter PRINCIPAL SPECIFICATIONS - Workpiece diameter: 25.60” - Maximum pitch (86000 psi steel): 2.54 - Maximum hob slide travel (standard): 19.7” - Work table diameter: 23.2” - Max. hob diameter 7.56” - Max. hob length 9.84” - Master worm wheel, pitch diameter: 22.64” - Table bore diameter: 5.512” - Minimum distance between hob and table center: 1.97” - Maximum distance between hob and - table center: 17.12” - Hob spindle speed ranges (infinitely variable): 48-385 RPM - Axial feed, inch/per/rev. (infinitely variable): .015” - .354” - Radial feed, inch/per/rev. (infinitely variable): .028” x .55” - Rating of main motor: 16 HP - Floor space required: 186” x 125” - Shipping dimensions: 127” x 63” x 122” - Approximate net machine weight: 24,700 lbs. Features & Equipment: - Machine with automatic rotary work piece loading - Machine bed with stationary table assembly, table spindle equipped with radial and axial anti-friction roller bearings Single start indexing gear, worm wheel of bronze, dual load worm - Machine main column with infinitely variable radial feed, via PC drive & pre-loaded recirculating ball screw, column automatically locked in working position - Tailstock column with hydraulically actuated tailstock arm, automatically locked in working position - Axial feed infinitely variable via SCR-controlled DC drive and pre-loaded re-circulating ball screw - Crown hobbing - Differential for hobbing helical gears - Automatic cycle for climb or conventional hobbing - Rapid traverse for all setup motions - All electric motors T.E.F.C.B.B. - Complete hydraulic equipment installed on the machine - Automatic pressurized circulating lubrication with electric pump and filter for all rotating parts - Automatic lubrication for all guideways - Coolant unit with pump (40 gpm capacity) and magnetic separator, tank capacity 80 gallons - Sliding door splash guards - Safety interlock on splash guard and gear box door - Seven hob arbors, complete with spacers and lock nut, ASA thread - Universal hob head for radial, axial and tangential hobbing. Infinitely variable tangential feed via DC drive motor - Tangential slide automatically locked during axial & radial hobbing cycle. - Maximum tangential travel 7.87”. - Machine equipped with DC main motor, 16 HP, T.E.F.C.B.B. for infinitely variable hob speed, within range specified, using silicon controlled rectifier located in control cabinet - Complete electrical control equipment for main voltage 470, 3 phase, 60 cycle, control voltage primary 110 AC, secondary 24 DC, single phase. Free –standing control cabinet. Operator’s control station. UL approved - Large assortment of change gears for index and differential - Automatic two-cut cycle for roughing and finishing in one operation - Automatic change of hob speed and feed between first and second cut - Automatic change of feed directions between cuts. Hob speeds, feeds, and feed directions pre-selectable on operator’s panel - Hydraulic table clamping device with infinitely variable clamping pressure up to 22,000 lbs., mounted below machine table for actuating workpiece FOB TRUCK, IMLAY CITY, MI 48444 THIS ITEM IS OFFERED FOR SALE SUBJECT TO PRIOR SALE AND BUYER'S UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE OF SELLERS TERMS AND CONDITIONS.



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