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1-SURPLUS NEVER USED CAMPRO USA CPV -1600B 3 AXIS CNC VMC 60 X 30 DATE OF MFG. NEW 2018/2019 STK#103657 ================================================================= SPECIFICATIONS WHILE OBTAINED FROM SOURCES DEEMED RELIABLE ARE SUBJECT CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE AND TO VERIFICATION BY BUYER: HIGH PERFORMANCE VERTICAL MACHINING CENTER MACHINE FEATURES Constructed with high quality meehanite cast iron and heat treated to relieve stress thereby assuring maximum rigidity and accuracy. Box ways on all 3 axes greatly upgrades stability and dampening capability. Automatic lubrication unit with intelligent pressure failure detection function provides reliable supply for saving cost and for environmental protection. Oil-coolant separation design which meets the environment protection requirements allows centralized collection for all way oil. The CPV-1600B is designed for heavy cutting, long-term high accuracy, and superior surface finishes. Classic manufacturing methods and ultra rigid construction are combined with advanced technological features to provide exceptional value. Please note that features and specifications are subject to change and should be verified at the time of order. STANDARD FEATURES: * Fanuc Oi-MD Control (Package B) * AI APC Contour Control * 6,000 RPM Spindle (ZF Gearbox) * Powerful 25 hp (30 min) high torque spindle motor * CAT50 Big Plus Spindle * 1000 PSI CTS Prep Only * Spindle Air Blow * Rigid tapping * Custom Macro B (User Definable) * Twin Arm 24 Tool ATC * Tool Change Time (Tool To Tool) 3.5 sec. * Tool Change Time (Chip to Chip) 7.0 sec. * Portable Manual pulse generator * Program and data protection key switch * Massive One-piece Meehanite cast iron bed * Chip Auger * 4th Axis Prep (no amplifier) * Low friction turcite mating way surfaces * Double Anchored, Pre-tensioned ballscrews * 590 IPM X & Y axis, 472 IPM Z axis Rapid Traverse Rate * Full enclosure splash guard * Flood coolant with large coolant tank * Work light (2) * Operator call lamp (red, yellow, green) * Spindle load meter * Assembly and operation tools * Auto Power Off * Heat exchanger for Electrical Cabinet * Instruction manual, parts list, and electrical diagram * Fanuc operator and maintenance manuals * MACHINE WARRANTY: ONE YEAR Parts only * CONTROL WARRANTY: TWO YEARS: Parts and Labor SPECIFICATIONS CAPACITY: X axis travel 62.9" Y axis travel 32.7" Z axis travel 27.5" Table loading area 70.8" X 31.5" Allowable table load 4,000 pounds Table T Slots - width x slot spacing .708" x 4.9" x (5) SPINDLE: Spindle nose to table top 5.9" - 33.5" Spindle Bearing Diameter 2.8" Column to spindle center 33.5" Spindle taper CAT 50 Big Plus Spindle speed 6,000 RPM A.C. spindle motor (30 min.) 25 HP Spindle torque (30 min) 390 ft-lbs. Spindle Driving Method ZF Gearbox AUTOMATIC TOOL CHANGER: ATC Type Twin Arm Type Number of Tools 24 Tool Shank CAT 50 Max. Tool Dia. 4.3" Max tool Diameter (No Adjacent Tool) 7.8" Max. Tool Length 11.8" Max. Tool Weight 33 lbs. Tool Change Time TOOL - TOOL 3.5 sec Tool Change Time CHIP - CHIP 7.0 sec Tool Selection Random Bi-Directional MOTION: X and Y axis rapid traverse rate 590 IPM Z axis rapid traverse rate 472 IPM Cutting feed rate 393 IPM Slide Type Box Ways Least command increment .001mm, Positioning accuracy +/- .00020" (full stroke) Repeatability +/- .00008" GENERAL: Floor Space Required (W x D X H / INCHES) 169 x 116 x 126 Machine Weight 30,864 lbs. Standard Power Source Requirement - Fanuc 205-235 Volts / 3 Phase/60HZ Power Capacity 78 AMPS Air Source Requirement 85 - 115 PSI (3/8 ID Supply Hose) CONSTRUCTION Balanced 6,000 RPM Spindle with spindle oil cooler 6000 BTU for High Speed Machining. Hardened and Ground C3 double-nut ballscrews (Ø40 mm) are pre-tensioned to minimize backlash, provide high precision movement, and reduce heat deformation on all axes. All solid ways are coated with high grade Turcite-B. Hardened and ground slideways give an extra 40% wear resistance. 2 Solid Box Ways are on a one-piece base instead of two supporting ways connected to the main base, which provides more rigidity under heavy machining. Main frame is made of Meehanite casting for superior rigidity* BED, COLUMN, AND SADDLE: The bed is a rigid one-piece casting with heavy ribbing to prevent deformation during heavy cutting. Fine grain Meehanite cast iron is used for its excellent dampening characteristics. Extra wide boxways provide excellent support for the saddle, regardless of the load distribution on the table. The table is fully supported by the saddle in all positions. There is no table overhang. The rigid box type column casting is heavily ribbed to prevent twisting or distortion. SPINDLE, HEADSTOCK, AND COLUMN The high speed, 6,000 RPM, 50 taper spindle is a true cartridge type unit supported by precision class bearings that are permanently grease lubricated. The spindle is driven by a high torque 25 HP (30 min.) A.C. motor delivering an impressive 390 ft/lbs. Power is transferred through a heavy-duty ZF gearbox , promoting thermal stability, and minimizing vibration. An encoder is attached to the spindle to allow rigid tapping. GUIDEWAYS Wide Box ways are used for unsurpassed long-term rigidity and accuracy. Each guideway is induction hardened and precision ground. Turcite is bonded to the mating way surfaces and then hand scraped to ensure perfect fit and tolerances. The Turcite resin with forced way lubrication provides a low friction surface and virtually eliminates guideway wear. All guideways are fully protected from chips and damage. OIL JACKET SPINDLE CHILLER (STANDARD) Machine accuracy is maintained by using a refrigeration system that circulates cooled oil around the spindle reducing the thermal effects of any heat generated. AUTOMATIC TOOL CHANGER The high quality 24-position tool changer uses a fast random bi-directional twin arm with 2.5 second tool-to-tool change time, and 6 seconds chip to chip. BALL SCREWS AND AXIS DRIVES Each axis is driven by a high precision double-nut ballscrew. The ballscrews are centered between the guideways. The ballscrews are supported on both ends by angular contact thrust bearings. This double anchored pretension design provides outstanding positioning repeatability with virtually no thermal growth. All axes have large diameter 40 mm ball screws that are connected directly to oversize AC servo drive motors without gears or belts, to eliminate backlash. Each axis has a flexible coupling to protect the ball screw in the event of a sudden impact. These couplings can be quickly reset. PORTABLE MANUAL PULSE GENERATOR The hand held "Manual Pulse Generator" lets each axis move in increments of 0.0001", 0.0010" or 0.0100" making fixture or part alignment quick and easy. The 10-foot cord gives full access to the machine. PROGRAM AND DATA PROTECTION KEY SWITCH The keyed switch enables the protection mode for both the program and offset data. Removing the key limits access to only authorized personnel. In the unprotected position the key can not be removed and all data is available for edit. 290 PSI (20 BAR) THROUGH-SPINDLE-COOLANT SYSTEM (Option) A dedicated 290-PSI positive displacement pump delivers the coolant directly to the tool tip. The immediate benefit is more aggressive feeds and speeds can be maintained throughout the cutting process. There is also no need to stop and adjust coolant nozzles increasing the in-cut time and operator safety. Protecting the spindle and the vital rotary union from contamination is a canister filter with a replaceable 10-micron element. 1,000 PSI THROUGH-SPINDLE-COOLANT (OPTION) Severe applications, holes with high length to diameter ratios or tough materials require high-pressure coolant to evacuate chips and keep the cutting edge cool. The increased coolant and chip flow improves finishes and tool life, while allowing more aggressive feeds and speeds. FULLY ENCLOSED GUARDING The fully enclosed guarding, including cut-out for filter mist, is made of heavy gauge sheet metal to contain both chips, coolant and coolant mist. The large dual sliding doors open to provide unrestricted overhead access for ease of lifting heavy fixtures or work pieces. CHIP DISPOSAL AND COOLANT SYSTEM High volume coolant system washes chips down into the front of sheet metal enclosure for chip auger evacuation and provides flood coolant through adjustable head mounted nozzles along with four flushing nozzles mounted directly to spindle nose. Control Specifications - Fanuc OiM-D Conversational Control 8.4" color LCD screen Color graphics Simultaneous Controlled Axis Least input Increment on X, Y, and Z is .001 mm Least command increment on X, Y, and Z is .001mm Inch/Metric Conversion (G20/G21) Interlock on All Axes Machine Lock on All Axes Emergency Stop Stored Stroke Check 1, 2, 3, Mirror Image Backlash Compensation Unexpected disturbance torque detection Stored pitch compensation Automatic Operation (Memory) MDI Operation Search Function (Sequence, Program) Program restart Dry Run Single Block Buffer Register Manual Handle Interrupt Manual Jog Feed (Rapid, Jog, Handle) Manual Handle Feed Rate (x1, x10, x100) Feed Command (F Code Feedrate Direct Command) Feedrate Override 0-200% (10% Unit) Jog feed 0-5,000 mm/min (197 IPM) Rapid traverse override (F0, F25%, F50%, F100%) Override Cancel Rapid Traverse Bell-Shaped Acceleration/Deceleration Control Specifications - Fanuc OiM-D Conversational Control (CONT'D.) Block Skip Exact Stop Mode / Exact Stop (G61/G09) Dwell (G04) Helical Interpolation Threading/Synchronous Feed Manual Reference Point Return 1st Reference Point Return G28 Reference Point Return Check G27 2nd Reference Point Return G30 3rd and 4th Reference Point Return Program stop, optional stop, end of program M00, M01, M02, M30 Tape Code EIA RS-244/ISO 840 (Automatic Recognition) Optional Block Skip (9 ea) Maximum Programmable Dimensions +/- 9999.9999" (+/- 8 digits) Program Number O4 Digit Absolute and Incremental Command G90/G91 Decimal Point Input Plane Selection G17. G18. G19 Work Coordinate System Setting (G52 - G59) Work Coordinate Preset Additional Work Coordinate System 48 pairs Manual Absolute "On" fixed Programmable Data Input G10 Sub Program Call 4 Levels of Nesting Custom Macro #100 to #199 Addition to Custom Macro Common Variables #500 to #999 Circular Interpolation by radius R Canned Cycle (G73,G74, G76, G80 ~ G89) Optional Chamfering / Corner R Skip Function (G31) Automatic Coordinate System Setting Coordinate System Rotation Programmable Mirror Image Single direction positioning (G60) External Data Input (Tool Offset, message, machine zero point shift) Cylindrical interpolation A1 Advance Preview Control (G5.1) Polar Coordinate Command Miscellaneous Function (M3 digits) Miscellaneous Function Lock Spindle Speed Command (S5 Digits, binary output) Spindle Speed Override (50% ~ 120%) 10% Unit Rigid Tapping Cutter Compensation C (G40-G42) Tool Length Measurement Tool Length Compensation (G43, G44, G49) Tool Offset Amount (+/- 6 Digits) Tool Offset Pairs (400 Pairs) Tool Life Management Reader/Puncher Interface RS232C Memory Card input/output Control Specifications - Fanuc OiM-D Conversational Control (CONT'D.) Embedded Ethernet (100 Mbps) Part Program Storage Length: 320M Registered Programs 400 ea Memory Lock Back Ground Editing Extended Part Program Editing (Copy, Move, Change of NC Program) Self Diagnosis Function History Display of Alarm and Operator Message Help Function Run Hour / Parts Count Display Actual Cutting Feedrate Display Spindle / Servo Setting Screen Multi-language display (Selection of 5 Optional Language) Erase CRT Screen Display (Screen Saver) Bi-Direction Pitch Error Compensation Tool Management Function Protection of Data at 8-Levels Tool Monitoring Function (HWTM - Built-on Fanuc Type) Fanuc Manual Guide i conversational programming Alpha i AC digital servo system with 1,000,000 pulse encoders Full MDI keyboard PCMCIA data card slot on left side of LCD for program input / output - up to 2GB storage Advanced Preview Control (Look ahead of multi-blocks - 20 blocks look ahead) Automatic Acceleration / deceleration with Bell Shaped rapid acc / dec 3 axes simultaneous control std. (4 axis opt.) Scaling Custom Macro B High speed skip signal THIS ITEM IS OFFERED FOR SALE SUBJECT TO PRIOR SALE AND BUYER'S UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE OF SELLERS TERMS AND CONDITIONS. CALL 586-752-0090 WWW.RABIND.COM


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